50th Anniversary a Huge Success

Over the past 2 years, brothers have been working long and hard on the success of 50th.  Now that the festivities are over, we are proud to announce that the Epsilon Phi Chapter raised more that $14,000 for the House Corporation thanks to generous donations by YOU!

Friday night started the weekend off with the hospitality room at the Drury Lodge.  Brothers converged on Cape Girardeau and all had the opportunity to renew old friendships and catch-up with long-lost brothers.  The evening ended with a party at “Last Call” bar downtown that was rented out for the event.

Saturday started with the initiation of 4 new brothers.  The performance was OUTSTANDING and all brothers in attendance at Academic Hall were treated to a great Sigma Chi experience!

The evening then got underway at the Osage Center where many awards and honors were given out.  When the dust settled, it seemed that everyone had a great time!

Thanks to all those who were a big part of this celebration!  Look forward to seeing you at Homecoming!!!

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