50th Anniversary Is Here!

April 10th marks the Epsilon Phi Chapter’s 50th Anniversary  and there are many events scheduled to commemorate this great date in history.  Over the past 2 years, Alumni and Undergraduates alike have been planning this weekend of activities to make it a truly unforgetable experience for all.  Beginning with Golf on Friday at Cape Country Club and ending with the Sweetheart Ball on Saturday evening, the activities and the opportunities for all to get involved will be the biggest in Epsilon Phi history.

Friday night will include a reception for all at the Drury Lodge and a private Sigma Chi party hosted by Last Call bar downtown, run by fellow Epsilon Phi Sig Greg Schloss.  Also, don’t forget about the initiation event that evening (held at the Old Wine Cellar below the President’s house) which will begin promptly at 11:00 p.m.

Saturday morning will begin with Initiation at Academic Hall followed by a day for everyone to explore what is new (and exactly the same) in Cape.  Saturday will end with the Sweetheart Ball and a special guest speaker, current Grand Consul, Wayne Tucker.

Commemorative t-shirts and coozie cups will be on sale by the undergraduates as a fundraiser to go toward Sigs and Sluggers.  This is an annual event that is held in St. Louis over the summer with proceeds going toward the Huntsman Cancer Institute.  A great weekend planned for all!

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