Derby Days 2010 Results

The final results are in for the 2010 Kentucky Derby Days. After being put through many questions and showing off her talents, Epsilon Phi’s Derby Darling Pageant Queen was represented by The Women of Sigma Sigma Sigma. Also a total of 800 dollars was donated from the weeks activitys. Of that 800 dollars, 420 was raised from the soccer tournament, 91 was raised from Sign A Sig Day, 85 was raised from Pie A Sigma Chi Day, and an additional 203 dollars was donated from Alpha Chi Omega and Alpha Xi Delta.   For the second year in a row, our soccer tournament was held at Class Act Family located in Jackson. The women of Alpha Delta Pi took first place, followed by Alpha Xi Delta in second, and Gamma Phi Beta took third place. Overall, there was a great turnout and we look forward to Derby Days 2011.

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